testo 350 - Kits for Industrial Processes and Power Generation

Industrial Processes

For Power Generation using Engines & Turbines, go to our Engine Applications page

For Industrial Power and Combustion Processes, the 350 is used for:

  • Energy balancing, combustion stability, combustion efficiency determination
  • Combustion process measurements, O2 leakage
  • Flue gas velocity, and mass flow measurements
  • Semi-continuous emission monitoring
  • CEMS confirmation

Expand your testing range to % level with dilution

The patented dilution system allows you to measure extremely high concentrations. Just activate the “dilution mode” to expand to 40 times the sensor range, or expand the range of all toxic sensors to 5 times their normal operation range. The displayed values are corrected, eliminating the need for calculations.

CO2 Measured to 50% - Perfect for Concrete, Glass Production, Greenhouse Gases, and more!

The measurement (not calculated) of CO2 is vitally important to satisfy product quality standards for materials like concrete, lime, steel, or glass. The infrared technology used in the testo 350 CO2 module has the widest sensor range enabling it to meet the needs of producing these materials.

Use the testo 350 as a portable 2-gas analyzer, then configure the 350 to measure CO2 and O2 only and have the most cost effective, portable, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) reference analyzer in the market today.

Multiport Simultaneous pre and post catalyst testing

Data from multiple sampling locations taken simultaneously provides a faster way to improve catalyst performance. Using the Testo BUS System, multiple analyzers (up to 16 total) can be connected (daisy chained together) and the measurement can all be see in the hand held control unit.  Better yet, use Easy Emission software to display graphs of NOx or CO in real-time, which displays graphic or tabular views to see trends or averaged values.



Semi Stationary Long Term Data Logging

With massive memory and the ability to perform automatic testing programs, the analyzer can log combustion values for more than a month. The on-board programs allow sampling time, then fresh air rinsing at user defined intervals.

Advanced features for semi-continuous monitoring include these option:

  • Automatic sample gas conditioning (peltier-type) with hose bib to continuously empty condensate
  • Trigger switch to turn on testing program (activate with a falling/rising signal)

Six (6) Channel analog output box can be looped in the system to provide a (user selected) 4-20 mA Output


Testo Software Toolbox

The 350 can also be operated through “user developed” software. Use the testo-tool box software kit and develop your own testing and data logging program into your data acquisition system.

Probes for special or harsh sampling environments

Many industrial emission sources have harsh sampling environments including extremely high temperatures to high particulate loading. Click here to see the wide variety of industrial Probes available for testo 350 and 340 analyzers.


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