testo 350 Emission Analyzer: Applications

Built for the Most Important Application... Yours!

Knowing what you need and what to expect before you begin emission testing can challenge even the most experienced professional. Now, the testo 350 emission analyzer removes all the guess work.

Engine Testing and Tuning - View Engine Testing Kit Configuration Sheet

Rich-burn engine exhaust, when uncontrolled, can have wide concentration ranges and both CO and NOX can fluctuate significantly. The on-board CO dilution system will automatically set-up for optimum engine testing, perfect for a rich burn engine. Lean-burn engines have different exhaust characteristics, but NO2 can make up a signifi cant portion of the total NOX measurement. The 350 measures both NO and NO2 for proper lean-burn engine set-up. Read more...

Boiler & Burner Tuning - View Boiler & Burner Tuning Kit Configuration Sheet

Industrial boilers and burners have their own unique characteristics. When an unexpectedly high CO is detected, the testo 350 will automatically adjust to the situation, keeping the sensor protected at all times. Read more...

Turbine Testing - View Turbine Testing Kit Configuration Sheet

High horsepower and low emissions are typical of turbines and as a result, you need an analyzer that is especially equipped to handle low thresholds and still deliver the highest accuracy. When you need to make critical control or warranty decisions, the 0.1 ppm resolution will provide the highest accuracy. The low NOX and low CO sensors are ideal for the accuracy today’s turbines demand. Read more...

Industrial Process Testing

Combustion analyses in industrial processes vary widely. O2 and CO measurements are critical for proper combustion; NOX or SO2 measurements are important for today’s pollution control devices. Sometimes extreme concentrations are also encountered and unexpected. The testo 350’s dilution system provides the protection and accuracy to continue working. Read more...

Mining Testing

The Federal Mine Safety and Health Act (Mine Act) requires that the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) inspect all mines each year to ensure safe and healthy work environments for miners. Testo has a complete line of products to assist in testing the exhaust gas of each diesel powered unit. Read more...

Marine Testing

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