Probes, Hoses, and Cases

Probe and Hose Assemblies

Transporting flue or exhaust gases to the analyzer is not easy. Issues such as sample reactivity, extreme temperatures, various stack dimensions and difficult access all go in to determining the type of probe required.

Testo's wide variety of probe and hose assemblies, coupled with rugged locking connecters, fulfill any testing scenario.


  • Standard stainless steel probes are available in 13 inch or 28 inch lengths, with thermocouples
  • Probe shafts are available in stainless steel for temperatures to 1112 °F and for temperatures to 1832 °F
  • Hoses = Teflon lined (EPA compliant)

Engine probe
Material probe shaft stainless steel Tmax 1832 °F
Hose length: Standard 7 ft.; Teflon lined
Nine foot hose extensions for lengths up to 50 feet
Thermocouple and sintered filter kits available



Industrial gas sampling probes
The industrial sampling probes are specifically designed for the rigors of industrial stack gas sampling. The industrial probe shafts come in lengths of 39 inches (one meter) long with rugged screw connections. Three probe shafts can be connected for a probe length of nearly 10 feet. The probe shafts are available in two materials – stainless steel for temperatures to 1112 °F or Inconel for temperatures to 2192 °F.

Ceramic pre-filters can be quickly added for high particulate loading. For extreme temperatures, the Al-oxide ceramic probe can withstand enormous thermal loads to 3272 °F.


Pitot tubes
For measuring gas stack velocity as well as determind mass emissions.
portable emission analyzer pitot tube

Optional cases for testo 350

Orange Pelican Case - 400516 3515
Orange Waterproof Pelican Case with Custom Foam Inserts


Black Pelican Storm Case - 400516 3512
Black Waterproof Pelican Storm Case with Custom Foam Inserts and wheels (for 28" probes)


Black Pelican Case with telescoping handle - 400516 3516
Black Waterproof Pelican Storm Case with Custom Foam Inserts, telescoping handle and wheels


For more information about Testo's emission analysis probes,
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testo 350 portable emission analyzer


Literature & Manuals


Testo 350- firmware V1.19 (Control Unit) 

Testo 350- firmware V1.19 (Analyzer)

Bootloader Update Instructions (For Windows 8/10)

Bootloader Update File (For Windows 8/10)

Note on USB driver update:   If the analyzer was already connected via software to your computer the USB update is not necessary.  The USB driver update is typically needed on first installations or if the USB driver need to be updated.