Common Testing Questions

Questions on Sensors

  • What can I measure with the Testo 350 emission analyzer?
  • What are Electrochemical sensors?
  • Are the sensors temperature compensated?
  • Can you use a NO standard range and NO low range sensor simultaneously?
  • What is the error message "NO measurement not possible for 2 hr?"
  • How are sensors protected?
  • What is a CO dilution system?
  • What is the reason for fresh air purges?
  • How does the Hydrocarbons (CxHy) sensor work?

Questions on Testing

  • What is NOx?
  • Can my Testo 350 emission analyzer be used for compliance testing?
  • Is the Testo 350 approved by the U.S. EPA? By state agencies?
  • Is the Testo 350 emission analyzer EPA verified?
  • Can I correct my values to an oxygen reference (O2 ref)?
  • Can I do long-term monitoring?
  • Can I do 10 minute or 15-minute tests?

Questions on Maintenance & Calibration

  • How often must I calibrate my analyzer?
  • What basic maintenance can I perform myself?
  • Can I replace sensors in the field?
  • How long will the Testo 350 emission analyzer operate on battery?

Questions on Software

  • Questions on Software

Questions on Sampling

  • What sample conditioning is used?

General Questions

  • Can I buy my emission analyzer direct from Testo?